The seeds of 0.7 design date back to year 2000 when me, Jenni Moberg, was working in Japan as an aupair and admiring the Japanese aesthetique. I returned back to Finland to study, but the will to work with Japan and Japanese people later on stayed.

In 2007 I decided to become an entrepreneur. I didn’t know too much about crafts and design, but I had friends who were artesans and designers. No one said no for me suggesting them to be their helping hand in marketing, selling and especially exporting. My Japanese friends hooked me up with some businesses dealing with Scandinavian lifestyle. 0.7 design was born, with honestly speaking not very high hopes from business advisors’ side.

I didn’t know how to call my business until 2009 when AGMA ry, the Association for Agents and Managers in Creative Industries was established. Until then there had been neither competitors nor colleagues in Finland, and then, all of a sudden, we were about 20 founding members interested in developing our work as agents and managers as a whole. I decided to call myself as an agent, as I was dealing with ready-made products. It was great to have colleagues, finally, and learn about the specialities of the industries they represented. The business grew both in Japan and in Finland, I tradmarked the service and wrote the first book about agencies and product export in Finnish.

But the world got smaller and changed, and me along it. In 2013 I decided to move from Helsinki to the countryside, to my little red cottage in Kimitoön. There were plenty of warnings how the business will die because the countryside is far away and the customers want to be served in the cities. Luckily I kept my vision, as the customers of 0.7 design are anyway some 8000 kilometers away. As long as the internet works, I’ll be on the safe side.

Today 0.7 design is more than a design agency. It is a Nordic Design and Lifestyle Agency with three feet:

  • 0.7 design offers branded, often craft and design related experiences for consumers by promoting own or selected events and workshops for offering authentic and unforgettable experiences for travellers in Nordic countries, maily on Kimitoön
  • 0.7 design supports companies and brands willing to reach international markets by sparring them on a short or long term or by giving public speaches/lectures/workshops around the Nordics
  • 0.7 design acts as an agent for selected pool of Nordic Lifestyle brands and sells them further to its partners


The aim in these operations is likewise to keep supporting the individual craftsmen and designers as it is to bring the jewels of Nordics to the reach of global consumers on a professional way. 0.7 design keeps being open and honest in its communication, which you can follow through our social media channels, as well as by ordering our newsletter.

If you are interested to cooperate with 0.7 design or have any other questions or comments, please do not hesitate to get in touch.