tikkerperi_logo What is the cheapest life insurance you may have? A reflector!

Despite of the long and bright summer nights, Finland has many long and dark fall, winter and spring nights. Children have to go to school and adults need to rush to work even if the sun is not shining yet. In Finland, it is stated in law that a person has to wear a reflector if walking in the dark, and it is strongly suggested for pets as well.

Car drivers notice a person wearing a reflector from up to 300 meters’ distance, and a person who doesn’t wear a reflector from as little as 40 meters distance. Wearing a reflector gives the drivers time to react to the people on the road and low down the speed.

Tikkerperi has designed several different kinds of reflectors basing on textile material. All the reflecting materials used fullfill the standars EN471 in class 2, the same as for safety vests for example. The hanging ones are CE-tested in a laboratory environment to be safe and to fullfill the needed strict safety regulations.

So, why not to improve your own and your beloved one’s safety with a reflector, an innovation made in Finland in 1940s?

All reflectors are made by Kangasala-based Pia-Kristiina Järvinen, who has the crafting talent already in third generation.