Posted on Mar 16, 2017

I was invited to Tallinn for two separate workshops the begining of March. One of the workshops was for the students of Estonian Academy of Arts, recently nominated as one of the world’s top 200 art and design universities, the second being aimed at the academic staff of the same university.

The audiences were active, and eager to know about design agent’s work as well as the ways for how to support students in entrepreneurship and design export, and appreciated the information on my own experiences gathered as an entrepreneur. It was great, and slightly surprising, to learn that Estonian designers have very strong artistic ambitions, and prefer artistic career before working as industrial designers.

The brands that I saw e.g. at Eesti Designi Maja -shop could be from any Nordic country. That’s why the Estonian design is, and should be, considered Nordic, rather than Slavic, and shops dealing Nordic brands should keep their eyes on Estonian design, too.

For people visiting Tallinn it is easy to get a glimpse of Estonian design by following the destinations pointed on a design map. The relevant shops, galleries, studios etc. are marked with a yellow D-letter.