Posted on Oct 27, 2017

People tend to have difficulties in understanding what does an agent do. My short, regular reply is “to sell clients’ products and services to international customers”, but it includes so, so much more. Let me give you a short overview of the main tasks I’ve been doing this week:

  • providing information about the represented brands for a potential customer in Japan
  • working for FinEst Sounds -project for matching Nordic design and Nordic music in Japanese market
  • preparing the booths and booth set ups for two upcoming exhibition, one in Japan and the other one in Germany
  • updating contracts for customers interested in Finnish surface design
  • updating another contract about a brand licensing deal to Japan
  • creating the instructions for how to run a himmeli workshop
  • updating the instructions for how to run a birch bark workshop
  • discussing with a client and a customer about the upcoming delivery to Japan
  • preparing a funding application, Innovaatioseteli, for one of the clients within tourism
  • predicting the future and needs for it
  • having several conference calls regarding the above tasks

The list is not meant to show off my personal multitasking skills, but rather to concretize how versatile tasks there are for the agent to take care of. Points which keep repeating in these tasks are Japan and crafts/design, there I consider my strongest knowledge to exist.

It would be great to know about your regular day! Who is up for showing his/her list in the comment field?

PS. On my days off I go often to Teijo National Park for a hike – the image is taken on one of those hikes.