Posted on Mar 14, 2017

0.7 design has been working with internationalizing and developing small craft and design companies for the past 10 years. The work has been great, I have met plenty of creative and enthusiasted people during the years.

As the municipality of Kimitoön announced their need of a part-time developer and internationalizer for a local, 15-month-long travel/tourism project, I did not have to think twice about my suitability to the task. One step led to another, and eventually I was chosen to coordinate the project in Kimitoön.

Until now the visitors of 0.7 design have experienced only the superb walking path near my house, with local attractions such as a wooden labyrinth, a tree with a knot, a bog, a potty, a sandpit, and viper cliffs. Despite this hilarious walk has been a success, there is plenty of other things to explore – and I will write you about my findings to convince you to visit Kimitoön!

Saying this, the operations of 0.7 design will continue as before, parcels will be shipped, patterns will be sold and lectures&workshops will be given. Most likely there will be plenty of interesting places and companies that will be visited, so don’t forget to follow our daily adventures in Facebook and Twitter!