Posted on Feb 9, 2018

In the begining of this year the municipality of Kimitoön published a lifestyle magazine for inviting more people to visit and to stay at this destination by the Archipelago Sea. The magazine is available in Swedish and in Finnish, hopefully one day also in English. Until then the photos and the feeling of Kimitoöns main sights and activities have to convince you that the south coast of Finland is worth a visit.

If the magazine fulfilled its purpose and you are planning to visit Kimitoön, how can you prepare for the trip?


You can find more information about Kimitoön online with following key words:

  • Kimitoön/Kemiönsaari – the name of the municipality
  • Kimito/Kemiö the name of the main island
  • Kimitoöarna/Kemiönsaaret/Kimitoön Islands – the name of the region, consisting of thousands of islands and skerries
  • Dalsbruk/Taalintehdas, Kimito/Kemiö, Västanfjärd, Dragsfjärd – the main villages and areas on the island of Kimito
  • Rosala, Hitis/Hiittinen, Högsåra, Vänö, Helsingholmen, Örö… – some islands surrounding the island of Kimito
  • Bengtskär, Söderlångvik, Kasnäs, Bjärkas, Westankärr, Rosala Viking Centre, Storfinnhova smoke sauna… – some of the main sights on Kimitoön
  • Kimito Traktorkavalkad, Baltic Jazz, Kimito Music Festival, Norpas, September Open, Apple day at Söderlångvik, mÖrkö-light festival… – some of the annual events
  • Archipelago Sea National Park (Teijo National Park located also nearby)
  • Kustrutten/Rannikkoreitti/Coastal Route – a bicycle path
  • UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme in Archipelago Sea Area
  • -travel portal (also available as a mobile application) for services and activities on Kimitoön Islands

Despite that the short summer is the main season, you can reach Kimitoön by public transportation through out the year. It takes about one hour from Turku and 2,5 hours from Helsinki. The ferries to smaller islands operate also in the wintertime. Even though less services are available between September and May, you can enjoy slow life, quietness and pure nature, often much cheaper than during the high season.

Visiting the archipelago requires some planning in advance, Kimitoön Islands being no exception. If you want to make things super easy, you should book your holiday at the local travel agency Launokorpi. They have over 90 years of experience in organizing tours in the area. Most of their packages are for groups (8 people and up), but there is an option for independent travelers too to enjoy the Archipelago Sea island hopping.