Posted on Jan 28, 2018

0.7 design will celebrate another milestone on 2.2.2018: the company will participate Jobb på Kimitoön -Expo. The aim of the fair is to find and offer hidden working places in our municipality of 7000 inhabitants. So far some 40+ companies have signed up for the event – 0.7 design among them.

During the past months as a part-time tourism developer at Kimitoön municipality, I have noticed that international tourism on Kimitoön is basically non-existing. The municipality is positioned in the Archipelago Sea – one of the top 10 destinations to visit according to Time Magazine. Archipelago Sea and Teijo National Parks are both stone’s throw away. However, only random international travellers find their way to Kimitoön, and most of them because they have a good reason to come. Few of them might come for the top sight: Bengtskär, the tallest lighthouse in Scandinavia or the exciting Viking Centre of Rosala. Hardly none come because of the tranquility of those thousands of islands and skerries that belong to Kimitoön.

Craft and design are nice and doing business with Japanese is great. They provide a sound base for the first steps of 0.7 design in tourism too: we will offer craft and Finnish lifestyle related travel services for Japanese travellers at one of the most spectacular archipelagos on earth – the Archipelago Sea. Naturally, we are happy to help you to enjoy your holiday on Kimitoön – no matter your nationality.


And why is the Jobb på Kimitoön -Expo so particular for 0.7 design?

Well, it will be the first time for us to look for partners, collaborators and employees on an open way. We are especially interested in talking with people in the field of graphic design, video production, photography and wilderness guiding. So if you have talent in those fields, come to Wrethalla! See you there!