Posted on Feb 21, 2018

How to define Finnish lifestyle when each one of us has one of their own? Is it all about Marimekko and Aurora Borealis? Carelian pies and long summer nights?

We decided to challenge ourselves, and try to define Finnish lifestyle with the help of Instagram. As a word of warning, we define our lifestyle – meaning regular life in the Kimitoön, a small municipality in the Archipelago Sea. Sometimes you might see images from Helsinki or other random parts of the world. Every once in a while we might promote something – perhaps a brand we have been working with or a service we are working on.

Our aim is to provide somewhat realistic images, so we take the images with a regular cellphone. We might use a filter on images before publishing, but that’s the only improvement done.  As you might see, we are no professional photographers, but are willing to learn! Any advice for improving the quality of the photos is warmly welcomed! Also, any ideas for the themes of the images is appreciated.

We will use geotags, so that you know where the image is captured. We will use short texts for the images, so that you understand what the image is all about. That might be useful especially for the culture related posts. 日本語でも書きます。20ねんまえに日本に住んでいました。その時の日本語をちょっと覚えています。だからじょうずかきません。だけど頑張ります。

The first 30 photos are out already during the first month. Look up the user @07design and let us know your thoughts!