Posted on Oct 30, 2013

I have been warned that business that move from Helsinki to the countryside are no longer taken seriously, because it is a sign that the entrepreneur wants to slow down with the business. Taking a risk I have packed 0.7 design’s and my personal belongings into and out of banana boxes during the past two months.

Since a year and a half I have been looking for new premises for 0.7 design. And I wanted to find a place from the countryside. And I found The Place in Kimito island! It’s a small, red, wooden house with a room, kitchen and veranda, and plenty of unbuilt space in the attic. Neighbours are also great! At the moment it feels good to listen to October rain hitting the windows and climbing up the hill in the back yard to breath the fresh archipelago air.

The upcoming projects for 0.7 design do not show any signs of slowdown either: there are plans in setting up a network for Finnish textile designers in Russian markets, combining Finnish designers with Arab markets with the help of licensing, setting up a design webshop in Russia, finishing a book about agent business, and of course continuing serving the current customers as they have been served since year 2007.

Let’s show together that a business set up in Helsinki can continue stronger than ever also in the countryside. The doors are open for visitors, but please get in touch in advance.