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Coaching brands for better performance

For a reason or another many of my coaching sessions are held in the summer time, even if the service is available around the year. These three brands are looking for growth – take a look and get in touch if one raises your interest!


Birchbark in Jyväskylä

Craft museum of Finland is having an exhibition on Finnish national dresses, which are often decorated with birchbark accessories. Kaija Karri is supplying some birchbark items to the museum shop.


About 0.7 design’s services

I want you to know what we are doing at 0.7 design, so I updated the “About” page. How do the services resonate with your needs?


Birchbark weaving workshops in Kemiö

Several birch bark weaving workshop session will be organized in Kemiö this summer! Book your spot and learn how to collect, handle and weave birch bark!


Workshops and events coming up in Riga

Looking forward to meet the best exporting brands of Latvia, the potential Creative Business Cup participants as well as the companies at the Creative Industries Business Incubator.