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A day in forest with birch trees

Last week 0.7 design organized outdoor activites in Finnish forests for Japanese travellers. The theme of the day was simply Birch.


Sustainable tourism

Archipelago Sea and Kimitoön especially are good destinations for sustainable tourism already today. One of the challenges is the lack of information for international travelers who are looking for sustainable holiday destinations. 0.7 design is there to help!


Kellarista maailmalle – Agenttitoiminnan työkirja

Haluatko kasvattaa muotoilu- tai käsityöyritystäsi vientikelpoiseksi, mutta et oikein tiedä miten se tehdään? Vai tunnetko paloa luovan alan yrityksiä ja niiden kehittämistä kohtaan? Ehkäpä jo tiesitkin, että Kellarista maailmalle – Agenttitoiminnan työkirja on kirjoitettu juuri sinulle!


Get to know Finnish lifestyle in Instagram

We decided to challenge ourselves, and try to define Finnish lifestyle with the help of Instagram. As a word of warning we define our lifestyle – meaning regular life in the Kimitoön, a small municipality in the Archipelago Sea.


Kimitoön – Kemiönsaari 365

We listed the main key words to help you to plan your perfect visit to Kimitoön. Don’t forget to take a look at the new Kimitoön 365 -magazine!


Jobb på Kimitoön -expo 2.2.2018

The own recruiting fair of Kimitoön, Jobb på Kimitoön -expo, will be organized 2.2.2018. 0.7 design Oy is one of the exhibitors, with the aim to find graphic designers, wilderness guides, photographers and video editors to work togerther with.