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Klinikka-aikoja käsityö- ja muotoiluyrityksille

Kaipaatko sparrausta liiketoiminnan starttaamisessa, kehittämisessä tai kansainvälistämisessä? Mistä pitäisi lähteä liikkeelle, kun selvitettäviä asioita on satoja ja tietolähteitäkin kymmeniä? Varaa klinikka-aika!


Scandinavian Design Shop harikko

The lovely owner of harikko visited Finland and left home to Osaka with plenty of Finnish design and craft items. This time the time was too short to visit the design studios.


Workshops in Tallinn

The two workshops gathered some 60 people all in all – both students and academic staff of Estonian Academy of Arts.


Taking a side step and developing tourism at Kimitoön

0.7 design has been working with internationalizing and developing small craft and design companies for the past 10 years. The work has been great, I have met plenty of creative and enthusiasted people during the...


Taking care of your birch bark items

As birch bark items have been one of the most liked product in the history of 0.7 design, we thought to collect some information about birch bark as well as tips to keep your birch bark items fresh looking.


Trademarked services of 0.7 design

The name 0.7 design has been registered to 0.7 design Ltd for providing marketing and educational services within the EU. When seeing the name 0.7 design from now on, the clients and customers may be sure of a certain way and level of operation.